Trust the process

The process is long; it’s continuous; and it’s always evolving.

I started building this website in July 2018 when I flew to Bali with my nearly 3 year old little girl and 20 weeks pregnant with my baby boy to attend a 10 day coding retreat at

The website I started building back then had such a different vibe and direction to the one it is now, but i know it’s exactly where it needs to be, right now. Ideas need time to grow and evolve and they will continue to grow and evolve even when they’re “finished”.

The amount of times I thought to myself that I should just give up on the website or ‘maybe it’s not meant to be’ because I kept procrastinating and focusing on how and when it would be “perfect” when really I was just scared to put it out there. But I kept going. And in hindsight I can see it all for what it is so clearly: it’s all part of the process and the process is not for the faint-hearted.

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