Working from home with kids


Seriously though. Do not try and work from home with young kids. Sure, you can make it work and do bits here and there, but you try telling a four and a half year old that she can’t help decorate the lovely lady who’s paid good money for your cake’s cake.

I often get asked how I do it, and sometimes I wonder too. Juggling kids and business is not bloody easy, but it’s the energy I get from doing something I love and bringing a vision to life that drives me. That, and daycare. A few days a week I drop my darlings off to be cared for by the most amazing ladies at their daycare centre. There they get to play until their hearts are content while I work at home contenting my own heart. Then throw in a super supportive (and also business owner) husband, plus copious amounts of late nights and you have a recipe for success. 

When you have a vision; teamed with passion and obsession; you do what you gotta do to get it done. In doing so I just hope that i’m paving the way for my kids to follow their own dreams. They inspire me everyday so i only hope i can return the favour.

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