Food Safari Broome

What does an eight hour road trip with two young kids and giving birth have in common? Both are painful but totally worth it on the other side. (Birth is a million times worse just FYI.)

Food highlights, lowlights and lessons learnt from three days in beautiful Broome.



THE best mango smoothies you’ll ever have from the Courthouse Markets plus bulk papaya and some pickled papaya (which was super delicious on crackers with cashew cream), AND some smoked salt plus mango chilli sauce, because, condiments!

Watching my little boy demolish half a papaya. He’s entered a fussy stage so this was incredibly thrilling. #mumthings

Girls’ lunch date with my little lady, and the place happened to be right next door to a crystal shop (absolute way to my heart). And I love when places do good salads; like proper mealy kind of salads: random fresh ingredients, great dressing, large servings. Happiness.

Finding a plant based chocolate bar that tasted EXACTLY like a Snickers.

A delicious lunch at Sydney Cove Oyster Bar - the best part being that they had a gluten free pasta option on the menu which I chose with one of my most fave pastas ever: crab, garlic, chilli, olive oil. It’s the simple things, always. 

Finding BIG avocados at the supermarket for $1. There I was thinking I’d scored big time being so used to Karratha prices until I returned home and discovered they were also $1. Double win I guess.



Having to share said chocolate bar with my kids.

Missing out on the restaurant I really wanted to go to as they’re not open on weekends (why though).

Having a really crappy last supper. The place was super busy, their menu wasn’t great, they’d sold out of chicken nuggets (my poor children!) and it was all just a bit disappointing. 



Entice your kids with kids with fresh, colourful juices with heaps of veg in them to counteract all of the hot chips, chicken nuggets and ice cream they will inevitably eat.

If you find an amazing plant based chocolate bar that tastes exactly like a Snickers, buy multiple and hide them from your kids.

Lunch at nice restaurants with young kids is not always a great experience but I’m willing to risk it for good food.

If you have expectations of a really lovely last night then it’s better to take matters into your own hands - make a picnic and take it to the beach - instead of going all in on a mediocre restaurant, at a shitty table, with no chicken nuggets and super oily sautéed side veg (me trying to counteract all the hot chips I’d been eating), because, at the end of the day, good food and family is all that really matters in life and one of the secrets to happiness is having no expectations. 



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