Not enough people are talking about pancake bowls. I started making them a while back because intuitively it just made more sense. You get way better pancake, to sauce, to topping ratio, and they’re easier to eat, PLUS, you only need one piece of cutlery, not two. So then I did what I always do when I have an “original” idea: I googled it; to see how many other people had the same “original” idea, and that’s when I realised that not enough people were talking about them. They are definitely out there in the world but with how insanely good they are I thought they’d be more of a thing.

If you love pancakes you’ll love these even more. I promise.

Welcome to the Pancake Bowl Revolution.



Fluffy gluten free/vegan pancake recipe HERE

3 Elements Health stewed apple recipe HERE

Other toppings of choice


I like to layer mine. I break up the pancakes into bite-size pieces then soak them lightly in the coconut cream. Add blueberries, stewed apple and almond butter. It’s bliss.



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