Hello. My name is Katie and I’m addicted to food. I’m the creator of The Comfort Cupboard and have been making fun foods less naughty since 2014.

I fell into cooking in 2004 and have never looked back. I’ve cooked professionally in Australia, London, Cork, and Auckland and have gained a tonne of inspiration from travelling the world - my biggest passion next to food.

The Comfort Cupboard was born out of the constant craving for sweet stuff but wanting to be kind to my body at the same time. I wanted to eat ALL the fun foods: donuts, cookies, cakes, lollies, chocolate, ice cream, sprinkles, desserts (comfort things) but I wanted to stay (somewhat) in shape at the same time; which I like to do with as little effort possible, eating the foods I want to eat, whenever I want to eat them.

It was about time these foods had a makeover to keep up with the health conscious world that a lot of us now choose to live in, so in 2014 upon returning from another stint travelling the world, I was straight back in the kitchen. And by straight back in I mean the week we flew back I was in my parent's kitchen experimenting with the cannellini bean frosting idea I started playing with when staying at an air bnb in Buenos Aires. This is now the Comfort Cupboard’s signature frosting - and I’m not giving away the recipe. Yet. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ME HERE!

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