Food is Energy

Food is energy but not only as you know it.

It’s the energy we need to fuel our bodies, but it’s also the energy that WE BRING to our food and cooking that’s important.

How many times have you made the same recipe and reaped different results, for no apparent reason? If everything is energy (which it is) then it makes sense that the energy we bring to our food and cooking can affect the results. 

When you bake and decorate a cake with confidence then it’s highly likely you’ll end up with a cake that looks and tastes amazing. If you go into making the cake scared and doubting yourself then it’s quite possible the cake will flop.

When you cook a delicious meal with love and passion then whoever eats that meal will feel that love and passion.

It’s like when you go out for dinner; you can really tell when the chef is genuinely passionate about amazing food as opposed to slapping food on a plate because it’s their job. (Less chefs like this and more passionate ones please.)

And the subject of mood and food CHOICES is a whole nother story entirely. Think finishing off that whole tub of ice cream and eating that whole block of chocolate (we all been here).

So we know for sure that food can our mood - there was even a word created just for it: HANGRY (we all been here too); but also think about how your mood can be affecting your food and the results you get when cooking and creating.

Just some food for thought.

Photo credit: Tyler Spangler


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