Ba-Naan Bread

I have to give my little girl credit. Firstly, for always letting me steal her pink plate, and secondly, for the name of this recipe. One day she randomly called Banana Bread ‘Ba Naan Bread’ and I thought it was the most genius name ever for these breakfast flatbreads that I’ve been making for a while now. I think Ba-Naan bread might just become a thing; Google says it’s not a thing so you heard it here first!


2 small to medium super-ripe bananas

3/4 cup tapioca flour

3/4 cup almond meal (I use blanched)

3/4 cup coconut milk (can substitute any sort of milk)

Salt to taste


Mash the bananas in a mixing bowl.

Add the dry ingredients then slowly add the milk while mixing together.

Heat a pan with some olive or coconut oil and fry until golden.

Serve with honey.

*Blueberries work really well in this recipe too. Either in addition to the banana or instead of.



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